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Download Microsoft Monthview Control 6.0 (2022)




allow to set the view value of the monthcontrol. In my aspx I have my control: My problem is I have a button in the same page that is triggering the "Select event" of the monthview control, and I have some code there to put the value into a variable. So I can do this: string myString = MonthView1.SelectedDate.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy"); But this returns a String in the format "13/08/2015" but my ViewStyle is "Month". I can also do this MonthView1.SelectedDate = "10/09/2014" and it will change the MonthView1.SelectedDate to "10/09/2014" but then I cannot access the value of my String using the previous method. Is there a way to get my "myString" to have the "13/08/2015" format, but in such a way I can access it using the previous method? A: This is probably a better solution for me, but just a note that I am really happy to see that there is another option for formatting monthview which is the months in a list, you can do something like this: and then display this with something like:




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